CelluCare The Hague

IMPORTANT: On 1 september CelluCare (Den Haag) moved house to Utrecht

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Wellcome to the website of CelluCare. CelluCare Den Haag is a practise for figurecorrection, cellulite and skinfirming. Here you can find information on the practise, the treatments and the services we deliver.


Almost every women  suffers from cellulite, mostly because of hormones. 
But of course we can give nature a helping hand by treating cellulite with lipomassage or mesotherapy. Lipomassage  is a treatment 
of the connective tissue, using the technique Endermology by LPG 
The mesotherapy treatment will be cary out by ultrasound. Both cause a better and faster transport of waste material and therefore a smoother skin. 

Local fat rolls

You have a normal figure, except for that one roll of fat which you can't get rid of. Is it recent or part of your genetic body build? In both cases there are solutions, but for the best diagnosis and treatment you really should consider a free intake session.

Wrinkles and weak skin

Wrinkles and weak skin can have various causes. Wrinkles usually by aging, sorrow, stress, weight loss, DNA or smoking. Weak skin mostly because of loosing weight or by aging. The treatment of choice is dependent on the cause. We can make the best judgement during an intake session. This is free of charge.

Scar tissue and striae

You are saddled with a scar which can be disfiguring or the cause of painful cleaved tissue. You would love to find a remedy. The Endermologie LPG-technique provides an excellent treatment, even for old scars. Striae are the result of small tears caused by too tight skin during periods of weight gain, for example during pregnancy and can be treated equally effectively.


Edema is the swelling caused by fluid retention in parts of the body and occurs commonly as swollen ankles or arms. Abnormal fluid retention can have several causes including surgical operations. The condition can be improved using lipomassage and, depending on your insurance, the costs are recoverable.

Excess weight

Having trouble with excess weight?. Tried everything but still no results? Those lovely clothes which don't fit anymore. What to do? In any case don't lose faith because it is possible to lose weight. During an intake session we can assess the root causes of your weight problem and propose a personal and viable plan of action. Good riddence to fatmolecules!