Cellulite - cause - effect - approach

Cellulite usually begins during puberty because of changed hormone levels, especially by young girls. It is also the age for tasty snacks at school, fast foods at home or when out with friends. Fat molecules cause fat cells to expand. When they reach their maximum size, the fat molecules will attatch to new fat cells. Fatty deposits thus formed, are later difficult to reduce even with a sportive lifestyle and healthy food, which is good for the body, but has less effect for the skin.

Our courses of treatment using lipomassage - the LPG-technology - ensure an improvement of the body's metabolic systems. Especially for the disposal of waste products. Vet cells will return to a normal size again and a significant improvement of the condition of cellulite is the result. Weight loss is also an important remedy for people with overweight and cellulite. As Endermologie is a treatment focussed on connecting tissue, it is suitable for all people with cellulite.