Scar tissue and striae

Scar tissue and striae - cause - effect - approach

Modern surgical scars are minimally disfiguring. However, this is not necessarily the case with ugly scars resulting from, by example, infected wounds, accidents or corrective internal operations. Burn wounds lead to specially serious disfigurement and can eventually lead to sensitive or even painful cleavage of underlying tissues.

Endermology, treatment of Lipomassage with the LPG-technology was originally developed to treat burn wounds and proved successfull. Importantly this therapy is painless, unlike the regular tharapeutic massage of cleaved tissues. We at CelluCare are specialized in the use of this therapy for the treatment of

  • scarred skin tissue. It does not matter how old the scar is, we will improve the condition.
  • striae, which are best treated as early as possible, preferably when fresh and still red of colour.
  • burnwounds

Preventive treatment prior to pregnancy for the elasticity of the skin is also available.