Excess weight

Excess weight - cause - effect - approach

An increasing number of people suffer from excess weight and obesity. Alarmingly this also applies to children.

Besides sickness, ther are many causes of this condition. Actually, most people realise how they put on unwanted weight, but are unable to find the strength and discipline required to lose weight. Probably this applies to you. There is always an excuse for excess consumption: You have earned it, haven't you? You were so sad or discontented that the chocolate treat was allowed? Maybe it was, but not every day.

Gradually you put on more weight until your clothes don't fit anymore. This alone can be a cause of stress and reason for an extra treat to relieve the tension. You have entered a viscious circle.

A good way of breaking free is to choose our protein diet. We work in close cooperation with SanaSlank. They have the widest selectionof products making it easier to follow the diet. They too find cooking with vegetables important which is apparent in their attractive and handy cooking book.