Local fat rolls

Local fat rolls - cause - effect - approach

In the case of men excess rolls of fat can often be found on the belly, the hips and the chest muscles. Commen causes include too much sitting (driving, office work, pc and tv ), too much eating, to much drinking (alcohol/juices) and too little or no time for sport.

Women This count also for women, but unfortunately to more locations at the body. For example the belly after pregnancy, or the stomach, hips, buttocks, thights and upper arms. Causes can be just as varied: the monthly period, stress or sweets.

For both men and women the best approach is:

  • minimising the intake of sweet drinks, alcohol and food
  • maximising physical exercise

Going to the shops on the bike and always using the stairs, serving single portions of dishes, preferably on smaller plates. If you cant refuse sweet drinks or alcohol, use a small glass - a sherry glass instead of a wine glass for example and no more than two beer. In both cases preferably not on weekdays.

Professional treatment: If this approach doesn't work, you can make, free of charge, an appointment with CelluCare to discuss a plan of treatment for getting rid of your fat rolls.