Supportive measures

Supportive measures

Complimentary to our therapies it is important to maintain a good state of general health. So please take good note of the following guidlines:

Drink lots of water !!

Drink 1,5 - 2 liters of pure water per day. This facilitates the removal of waste products which become freed as a result of treatment, and purifies your system.

Exercise, but why ?

The lynph system is the most important transport system for the removal of waste products, especially fats. The lymph system works through movements in the surrounding muscles. The more we use these muscles the better the this transport system works. When we sleep it is virtually inactive.

So exercise regularly!

Walking is an exellent exercise. But do preferably things which you enjoy. This gives the best chance for continuity.

Eat healthily, be happy

There are many opinions on the subject of healthy eating. But everyone knows the basic principles which are regularly publicised, especially in magazines.

So eat regularly and healthily!

Now and again an incidental treat can however work wonders for your state of mind, but keep it incidental.

CelluCare gives continuous guidance during treatment on eating and drinking habits, especially with regard to an optimal metabolism in relation to the treatment.