Weight loss with protein diet

Everybody can lose weight, but to keep it up is the most difficult part! When you are serious and get the right help, you will see that you can achieve this. CelluCare works with the proteine diet from SanaSlank, because they have the most variety in their products, over 250. Right from the beginning you will learn how to eat healthy, including a variety of vegetables. This diet is good to lose weight quickly, but not your muscles! On everage you will lose 1,5 kilo in one week. To make it easy for everyone, this diet is divided into a Blocksystem. Every person will receive their own personal advice, based on what is needed to reach the desired body weight.

Block 1 and 2 are directed to lose weight quickly untill the desired weight.

With block 3 your body will get used to normal food.

With Block 4 your body will get used to the normal healthy life pattern and to keep this in balance!

During Block 1 and 2 you are not allowed to eat sweetness, dairy products, meat and alcohol. Nuts are ok. Boring? Not when you want to lose weight and get more energy instead!


Block 1 - Starter - 103,23 euro only the first week. The box contents Book, Shaker, Shoppingbag and supplements. The next weeks cost 91,00 euro per week

Block 2 - 73,80 euro per week

Block 3 - 45,00 euro on average

Block 4 - 23,75 euro per week